Der große Preis von Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Circuit
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abu dhabi
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Presseberichte vom Rennen
Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
Schnellste Runde: 1:40.650
"Lewis hat mich das gesamte Rennen über stark unter Druck gesetzt", sagte Valtteri. "Ich wusste, dass nur ein einziger Fehler mir das Rennen ruinieren könnte." "Ich musste die Ärmel hochkrempeln und von Runde zu Runde denken. Ich kann mir keinen schöneren Saisonabschluss als diesen vorstellen. Natürlich wäre es toll gewesen, noch den zweiten Platz in der Fahrer-Wertung zu holen, aber Sebastian hatte ebenfalls ein gutes Wochenende." "Wenn man sich die gesamte Saison ansieht, muss ich eine bessere Leistung abliefern. Aber ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, wie die letzten Saisonrennen für mich verlaufen sind." "Ich bin sehr stolz darauf, Teil des Teams zu sein, das die Konstrukteurs-Weltmeisterschaft gewonnen hat. Mercedes hat mir die Möglichkeit gegeben, einige Rennen zu gewinnen und ein paar Pole Positions einzufahren. Ich bin also ein stolzes Teammitglied." "Nichtsdestotrotz hatte ich mir ein besseres Ergebnis in der Fahrer-Wertung erhofft. Ich habe in dieser Saison viel gelernt und freue mich jetzt auf das nächste Jahr. Dieses Wochenende hat gezeigt, dass ich die Leistung abrufen kann. Ich kann Poles holen und Rennen gewinnen. Jetzt muss ich versuchen, das im nächsten Jahr öfter zu erreichen."
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
Schnellste Runde: 1:41.473
"Ein großartiges Rennen und ein großartiges Duell zum Saisonende", sagte Lewis. "Ich gab mein Bestes, aber Valtteri hat eine starke Leistung gezeigt - er ist sehr sauber gefahren und hat keine Fehler gemacht." "Diese Strecke gehört zu den Kursen, auf denen das Überholen mit am schwierigsten ist. Man muss 1,4 Sekunden schneller sein als der Vordermann, wenn man überholen möchte. Im zweiten Stint hatte ich eine sehr gute Pace, aber sobald ich ungefähr 1,2 Sekunden an ihm dran war, ging nichts mehr. Es war aber schön, dass ich auf den Reifen bis zum Schluss angreifen konnte. Sie schienen nicht sehr stark abzufallen." "Dieser Sieg ist richtig toll für Valtteri. Er gibt ihm einen großen Schub für den Winter." "Ich freue mich jetzt darauf, etwas Zeit mit meiner Familie zu verbringen und über das gesamte Jahr nachzudenken. Es war ein sehr starkes Jahr. Das Team hat die ganze Saison über phänomenal gearbeitet. Ich bin allen in der Fabrik und bei Mercedes wirklich unheimlich dankbar für die harte Arbeit und Unterstützung."
Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
Schnellste Runde: 1:40.770
“I was pretty lonely for most of the race, trying to save a bit of fuel in the first part of the final stint. It was not very exciting, but that’s how it goes sometimes! The results have been worse than they could have been, but in the end we weren’t strong enough. However, it’s against the spirit of Ferrari to give up. I am sure we have a lot of things to improve and the people are very motivated. So, I am looking forward to next season. We had our chances and we took them, but we also made little mistakes here and there and I am sure they won’t happen anymore. I think we didn’t lose the Championship in any particular race; you just race and collect all the points, and in our case we didn’t have enough. I promise to push next year and do my best together with the whole team, and then we’ll see. This year we improved massively on the car; the chassis has been really strong since the first day. We made some major steps on the engine, but we still need to find some more power compared to our competitors. However, the most important thing is to focus on where we want to be as a team.”
Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.338
“Today my car felt pretty good most of the time, but to be honest, my race was boring. I was fuel saving for most of the time. In my view this has nothing to do with racing, but rules are rules. There’s nothing you can do, you keep lifting halfway through the straights, 200 meters before the braking point and the guy behind has to do the same. It’s painful not able to push your car when you have the potential to do it. It looks close, but it’s not a fight. I held Verstappen behind me and at the same time I was saving enough fuel to be legal. In some race tracks you have to do it more than in others and it’s not very exciting. Overall this year we would have liked to do a lot better, as we had a pretty strong package; we just need to fix and minimize all the issues. Next year, it will be a different story with a different car, and we’ll start from zero. We want to improve in all areas and go faster.”
Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.028
“For me that was a pretty boring race, if I had a pillow in the car I could have fallen asleep. I tried to follow Kimi at the start but it’s so hard at this track and I couldn’t find an opportunity to pass. As soon as you get within 1.5 seconds it is really tough to get close and make a pass. I was surprised at how good my pace was during the race, especially as I have struggled all weekend with the feeling of the car. Once I got caught in the blue flags and I dropped off a bit I was able to see the true pace of the car, and it was actually quite quick. It’s a shame we couldn’t show it and be able to fight, which also comes as bit of a surprise at this track. In all, it’s been a positive end to the year. In the last two races we didn’t maximise our performance but they are not strong tracks for us so we expected that. We will keep working hard to improve as we have done over the latter stages of this season and with some improvement from the engine side we should at least be close to the top guys next year.”
Nico Hülkenberg (Renault F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.376
“It was a bit of a thriller! It was a very interesting first lap, then very interesting again after the stop when I had to get past the Haas, which was super-fast on the straights and obviously I had Checo right behind me waiting to take advantage. We managed to come out on top and it’s a very decent end to the season. Sixth position in the championship is good for us and will be a morale booster for the team over the winter. We had a good package over the second half of the season, but we have had some issues so it is great to finish on a positive result and go into the winter with our chins up.”
Sergio Pérez (Force India)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.689
“It wasn’t the most exciting race for me, but I had a very busy first lap battling with Nico [Hulkenberg]. I think his penalty was very strange because I was ahead of him and he just cut the corner, gaining a big advantage and a position. He had more pace and in clean air he could just go and make up enough time to make the penalty useless. He should have just given up the position, as is required and as he did later in the race with Grosjean, and he would have had to overtake me on track. “I am happy with the result today and it was important to finish this year strongly. It’s my first year at Force India without a podium, but I think we made a big step forward. I scored one point less than last year with just 20 races on the calendar instead of 21. The overall result is great: seventh in the drivers’ championship and fourth in the teams’ standings. I don’t think we could do anything better than that this year and I hope we can continue this way into 2018.”
Esteban Ocon (Force India)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.609
“It was a really quiet race with not a huge amount of things happening. The start was the busy moment when I almost got ahead of Hulkenberg, but he was on the racing line and he was able to brake later. From there I was running a different strategy compared to Checo and although I was getting closer to him at the end, I just didn’t have enough laps to catch him. It’s nice to end the year with another strong result and I’m really proud of what we have achieved as a team this year. The winter months ahead will involve a lot of training so that I can come back even stronger in 2018.”
Fernando Alonso (McLaren Honda)
Schnellste Runde: 1:41.669
“This was an important race for us. It was the last one of this project and we wanted to finish it in a good way. It wasn’t that exciting from our position, but we had an interesting battle with [Felipe] Massa in front and Carlos [Sainz] behind. We chose to undercut Felipe and it worked quite well, but after that we were struggling with the pace and running alone for most of the time. But, we had a solid race, a good start, a good strategy and scored two points, so I’m happy. “It has been a tough season and a tough three years for us, but I’m still feeling very proud of this project. We didn’t succeed in terms of results and we delivered below expectations, but nevertheless everyone fought and worked very hard. “Now that we are both going our separate ways, we wish the best for Honda and good luck to the McLaren Renault project also. Now it’s a new chapter for both of us.”
Felipe Massa (Williams)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.026
It’s a great feeling. I can say I am really proud of everything I’ve achieved, all 16 years and all the amazing races, and the great people I met in the paddock, racing against the best drivers in the world. To be honest, I’m very lucky to have had all of this in my life so thanks to my family and to god for all of these amazing opportunities. The race was good, I was fighting from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, we lost the position after the pitstop but I’m really happy overall.
Romain Grosjean (Haas F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.437
“I pushed really hard. I tried my best. I think it was a superb drive, but it just wasn’t good enough to get in the points. I tried everything I could. With (Lance) Stroll it was a good battle – he just had a lot of top speed and a lot of straight-line power. It was very difficult to overtake him and he was defending a lot early on. Anyway, after I passed him I could open up the gap and push. We had a good race, but we have our ideas where to work on the car for next year. It’s been a good year in general, and only our second in Formula One. We’ve learned a lot and know where to improve for our future.”
Stoffel Vandoorne (McLaren Honda)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.986
“It was a very difficult start to the race. There was some damage to the car – we were really struggling and something felt very wrong. It was a bit like driving a rally car out there! There was no grip at all, the car was sliding around a lot and it felt like a big problem, so it was very tough from the beginning. I didn’t have a nice feeling in the first stint, and even after the early pit-stop to assess what was wrong, I was continuing to struggle. Gradually everything got a little bit better and we recovered a bit, but I still felt very uncomfortable in the car and the pace was nowhere near where it should have been. We need to check what exactly happened there. “I was happy to see the chequered flag today and close off the season. I think we maximised everything we had today to see the finish and keeping the cars in the pack behind us was the best we could have done under the circumstances. “It’s been a season with a lot of ups and downs, and in terms of results it’s not been the season we were hoping for. We had a lot of technical failures and grid penalties which meant we were lacking a lot of performance and track time. We’re happy to come to the end of the year and we’re looking forward to a fresh start next season. We’re massively motivated for next year – there’s a lot of work to be done but we’re excited for a new challenge.”
Kevin Magnussen (Haas F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.928
“It’s not been a bad year. Obviously, I’m a bit disappointed with today. It’s frustrating to get so close to P7 in the constructors championship and not get it. We just weren’t strong enough to do it, but we’ll come back stronger next year. We can take a step forward. We’ve got a baseline now that we can work on over the winter. We know the weakness of the car and we want to improve it by a big margin for next year. We’ll see how we go. I think we can do it.”
Pascal Wehrlein (Sauber F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.867
„Das Rennen hat heute Spass gemacht. Mein Start war in Ordnung. Danach konnte ich eine kontinuierliche Leistung erbringen, die es mir erlaubt hat, an das Mittelfeld anzuknüpfen. Der Zweikampf mit Kevin (Magnussen) war spannend, allerdings konnte ich auf den Geraden leider nicht mithalten. Ich freue mich trotzdem, das Saisonfinale mit Spannung beendet zu haben.“
Brendon Hartley (Toro Rosso)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.897
"It was always going to be an uphill struggle for us to hang on to that sixth place in the Championship and it's a real shame to lose it...I'm obviously massively disappointed. On the positive side, I have to say that during these last few weeks with the team I've learned a lot and already feel like at home – this is something very important to take into next year. Going back to this weekend, I had a pretty clean race. I was in a train of cars – a McLaren, a Haas, a Sauber, myself and Pierre behind... It's just very tricky to overtake here with these big downforce cars. It's been a massive learning curve for me during these last few weeks and I'm well overdue a holiday! I'm looking forward to recovering, having some down time, preparing well for 2018 and coming back even stronger for my first full F1 season!"
Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.844
"I'm really disappointed with the fact of not being able to keep sixth place in the Championship... This was the target – we knew it would be tough, but in the end it wasn't possible. We struggled a lot in today's race, it's been a really tough day and I'm not satisfied with I did. I pushed too much and did a mistake which cost me a lot of time. It's frustrating to end the season like this and I feel sorry for the team for not having achieved the target. On the positive, these last races with Toro Rosso have been very useful for me to gain plenty of experience and this will definitely help me to start next year on the right foot. I'm already looking forward to 2018."
Marcus Ericsson (Sauber F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.567
„Es war ein schwieriges Rennen. Ich hatte zwar einen guten Start, bin dann allerdings in der ersten Kurve zu weit nach aussen gekommen. Dadurch habe ich viel Zeit verloren. Generell habe ich mich im ersten Rennabschnitt nicht sonderlich wohl im Auto gefühlt. Nach dem Boxenstopp kam ich mit dem Fahrverhalten des Autos besser zurecht und konnte dadurch den Rückstand zu meiner direkten Konkurrenz verringern. Generell ist es auf dieser Strecke allerdings schwierig zu überholen.“
Lance Stroll (Williams)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.324
First of all, I want to say a big thank you to the team for everything this year, because the highlights have been incredible, especially in Baku and Monza. We have had great races, finished in the points seven times, so it is a big thank you to them for all their hard work and I have been proud to be a part of this team. However, it was not a good race today. I hate to be negative, but nothing worked this weekend so I just couldn't get the tyres switched on and I was just lost out there. We weren't in the race today. We had three pitstops and still it didn't work. The last two weekends were ones to forget and before that, we were doing just fine. We need to understand what exactly went wrong. I know it was tyre related, but we are missing a huge chunk of lap time and it is coming from somewhere because before that I was confident in the car. Now I shall have some time off, but then get back to work and work harder than ever and come into 2018 as strong as I can possibly be and be on top of my game as much as possible.
Carlos Sainz Jr. (Renault F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:43.378
“We were having a good race and I had made some real progress and was looking forward to the second part of the race and racing to get in the top ten. The pace was good and it’s such a shame we had that issue with the wheel and I had to stop, but these things happen. I think we deserved to have both cars in the points, but let’s stay with the positives. Nico got the job done for the team and we got the points we needed to finish sixth. Overall it’s been a good season and a really great start for me with Renault.”
Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing)
Schnellste Runde: 1:42.757
“Not a good race day for me unfortunately. At Turn 19 I felt something strange with the steering so I thought I had a flat tyre. Then just before the pit lane I said: ‘I’m coming in’. We weren’t supposed to pit but I feared it was a puncture. Then when we got back out the steering was still strange and it suddenly got very heavy so I could tell that I was losing hydraulic pressure. I lost the power steering and then we couldn’t change gears and that was that. I’m now excited to go on holiday, really looking forward to the break and hopefully next year we’ll come back stronger. Not a good last few races for me unfortunately. We had some highs this year and a lot of positive moments but it’s not the nicest way to end the season, with a DNF.”